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whoa [20 Nov 2004|07:46pm]
[ mood | blah ]

once again i really havent updated this thing for awhillllle its only wen im really bored, its kinda like "the last thing on my list".well anyways i might as well talk about my day yesterday since i did NOTHING today.my friend clare from hills came over and i gave her her present since it was her bday wednesday.it was a shirt with like a frog on it [she likes frogs] and a green bracelet and mint lindt chocolate.a green theme goin on there.she liked the stuff a lot i would say.then we played halo 2--me, my cuz, and her--and that game is so fun i get a little too into it haha.[actually before halo] we had wendys, she scremed at a tomato and i thought there was a bug in her food..lol scared of tomatos?ive heard it all.i mean i thought me crying over a spider was bad but thats just cuz im an "aracnidphobic" idk if i spelled that right.so anyway after my cuz left i was telling her about this "surprise" and i thought she guessed it but it wasnt that big of a deal my mom went out and got ice cream cupz and we put a bball candle on it and sang her happy bday[first candle was unsuccessful]she thought that was "really cute".im always happy wen she comes over cuz i dont get to see her alot and so she had to leave and i was sad again lol but it was mucho fun =P--w0ot im getting a green ipod mini for xmas!!cant wait!well thants all for now peace 0ut

-<33333333333333333333333333333333333cindy[now im pissssssed.haha allison]

forgot my name

halloween!! [31 Oct 2004|10:12pm]
[ mood | content ]

today was smf.allison slept over and I WOKE UP B4 HER! actually i didnt..but i thought i did..so anyway we had pizza hut for breakfast mMmMm. then she went home to get ready to twick or tweat.me allison and kristen turned into me allison kristen irene sophia and jasmine.not alot of candy but a "decent" amount.sum ppl were just really rude..i looked through the door and they SAW us but this lady was chopping a cucomber and turned, looked at us and we rang it a few more time HMM IS UR DOORBELL BROKEN BITCH?wow wat a sped.then sum old guy pretended he didnt see us..old bastard.so anyway the best house could have been my aunts just cuz she has the cutest dog in the world.its a doxin and she dressed him up,he was so0o cuteeee.allison wanted like all these kids(ninja turtle,bee)lol.so we came back and i was eating runts..well that was not good. runts looks like lil particles of teeth i guess and so0.. yeah.. i was eating my tooth cuz it kinda broke.. IN HALF.. wen i was eating a runt...ugh it was digusting, and now i have like a double crater in my tooth BUT luckily its my last baby tooth so i was relieved..its still nasty tho.so my room is trashed cuz SUM people dont clean after themselves.random i know.omg it was sooo funny my bro and cuz put potatoes and actual molded bread in these bags and gave them out to kids it was so0o0o funny.and we were giving out potatoes.kristen snuck a potato in a girls bag and i go"want a potato" and she goes"ahh huh i already got 1!"im like "oh ok bye".then there was like absolutly no trick or treaters it was like DEAD..so we run to my neighbors house and brought over a bowl of candy..WE COULDNT EVEN GIVE IT AWAY!..nobody wanted any..lol oh well, more for us..ill explain the costumes- me and kristen-bananas,allison-grape(nobody could guess)jas-snowboarder?,irene-DeViL,sophia-sophia lolol and thats about it..i hate wen halloween is over its like the best holiday =[ oh well . nxt stop is xmas wo0ot!peace out dizzoggg lol.

forgot my name

gayyy [27 Oct 2004|10:42pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

yea this is really gay i cant do anything on lj.com..all i can do is update, i cant add friends or anything.its saying my account is like expired or something..im not paying for this...if any1 knows wat i should do 4 this leave a comment..([sry that i couldnt add u on my friends michelle]) lj's bein gay

forgot my name

sko0l sux [27 Oct 2004|10:29pm]
[ mood | happy ]

today was hat day, wo0t..yea i know i matched lol.so i went to school and there was a debate between the bush and kerry ppl wow...they were like up in eachothers faces geez U GUYS CANT EVEN VOTE STOP WASTING UR BREATH!lol i would vote bush..as i say"kerry flip flops like pancakes" and hes got a long face...lol..so lunch "rolled" by and i was hoping allsion wasnt mad at me which she wasnt and that was a good thing..nuttin too special happened today but no mo field hockey practices..ill kinda miss it, it was keeping me..lets say"not fat"and twas fun.so after school, i got home and my mom got me the new simple plan cd i was so happy i <3 them then i got bk and kystle came over to "jam" her guitar is so awsome its like ..pointy and V-ish wen mine is idk the word for it, more roundy, teaching her was hopeless haha jk we both need a lil help lol..im can play dis avril lavigne song and she can play smoke under water, its pretty cool. so we had the smallest burgers in the world and i did sum informercials for her like usual as allison would say im a "walking informercial" haha, sad to admit..its true..also, i saw the nfg video-"I Dont Wanna Know"(a highlight of my day if u know how much i <3 them)jorden es mucho hotto in it ;]...so now im listening to sp duhh...go0o0od cd, just burned it 4 allison =D well thats bout it g2g[[time to see the lunar eclipse!lol]]

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another day w/ allison [24 Oct 2004|10:54am]
[ mood | weird ]

yesterday twas fun.i woke up at like 12:15 with a nice amount of drool on my face.went on comp and told allison to come over cuz i was "lonely".haha, then she came and we went down my basement to find sumthin to do.we didnt find any good board games but we did find lil pompoms and eyes and ish like that.so we brought it up to my room and made little creatures twas funny but i burnt myself and hit my head on the point of my desk.then we mades 1s for my bro and mom to judge and say whoses better. of coarse my bro said allisons but my mom said "we go through this every year!im not judgin"so that was that.i think after that we ate a cheese stick then went to shoprite(the new hangout) lolol and dropped off my camera to be developed and while there my mom went shopping..i went in the cart cuz i didnt feel like walking,allison tagged along behind lol.we had a depute about hershey bars(i won =D)then we got kfc mmm.i wouldnt want to eat at kfc cuz as allison said "it smells like a public bathroom"which was true so we brought it back to my casa.twas goooo.den we decided we werent gunna go bowling that we should rent a movie.well we didnt rent a movie from a store we got it from my cousins house and he came to watch we saw 50 first dates and twas good.before we watched it tho, i hit my head on yet another point, this time it was my tv ouuch.after the movie we made cupcakes.werent that bad/good.i had a little sumthin sumthin on my face but it was all good.so we went upstairs to play isketch lol thats an addicting game!we realized it was a lil late and that allison should just sleep over.well she did (not calling her mom to tell her)(oops)so i was brushing my teeth,turned back then turned the other way and allison scared the hell out of me,i spazed out and hit yet another point,this time on the draw to the sink thing.lol we watched a small amount of mad tv, mucho comico then went to sleep,happily allison did not say goblin in her sleep this time(or at least i didnt hear it)in the morning i was sleeping.allison pokes my side and i dont do much then allison touches my leg the smallest bit and i went into a spaz attack again.i didnt just move and moved my whole body,arm,legs,watnot lol this could all just be a result of me being a "nervous wreck" lol.then we had sum honey bunches of oats w/ peaches..mmm.played more isketch and allidon went home.twas fun.randomness- the simple plan cd comes out tomarrow! i cant wait, i <3 sp

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fun fun [22 Oct 2004|10:58pm]
[ mood | envious ]

school sucked like usual but twasnt actually too bad, other than i woke up late but twas all good i got a 90 in bio woot woot.no practice today i twas so happy i got a day off!and so i went to the mall i wasnt planning on getting tooo much stuff. i got wat i went to get(and sum other stuff)jeans,belt that i thought fit me,guitar wristlet,pants) and a ****** for jen lol.came home and went on comp-NFG's "This Disaster"tour in london dvd is coming out nov.23 i cant wait!!(i <3 nfg 4e)then me allidon and HANNA went to the smallest movie theater in the world-valleyview we saw "The Grudge" it was really weird and not too scary,idk was unusual and its soo interesting i always see jimmy w/e i go to the movies and this wasnt planned.lol.hanna almost pulled off my sweatshirt(apperently scared) and i almost ripped allisons jacket cuff lolol i couldnt get comfy in the seat the setup was fcuked up lol but it was fun.allison-the boy/fone/book/mother/baby/cat/grandmother/mirror-hahaha so funny.then we dropped off honna le and allidon came back to my house and we just went on the comp,made fun of sum ppl like usual(their walks),saw if i looked good w/ a ponytail(unt uh),played geetar in her face literally,listened to music,ate cheeze-and that was basically it- idk wat im doing tomarrow-hopefully sumthin fun woot! peash

forgot my name

smf [11 Oct 2004|01:29pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

yesterday(sunday) was mucho fun...like i said we(me krish,allison..my mom lol) went to this little haunted house thing at fairfield garden center and i didnt think i was gunna be scared but i freken screamed at the loudest voice "octive" imaginable, so did kristen. but not allison cuz she said she knew wen sumthin scary was coming up cuz she was behind us and would hear us scream..that takes out all the fun!lol but i made my mom go in front lol, then these nets like choked(exaggerating) us and that was pretty scary.and a freken spot light scared the hell outta me and a clown, then the scaryiest part..to me was the tunnel its hard to explain but theres like this background moving in a circle and theres a bridge so wen ur on it u feel like the bridge is goin around in cirlces, but i ran across it with my eyes closed,so did my mom...im a scaredy cat, meanwhile kristen is holding on to my sweatshirt almost pulling it off the whole time.lol but i think it was worth the 2 bux.so afta that we went to get sum cute lil pumpkins and goards(lol) to paint cuz were cool like that.allison had a lil obsession w/ the goards she got 6 for 2 bux lol.we took like 20 pix of r faces on like other things bodies..ull see wat im talking about if u go to my site-http://worldisround.com/edit/33463/index.html(just copy and paste or go to the top of my lj, theres a link)so then we got mickey d's but kristen had to eat dinner at home so she came back over after that to paint the lil ishes we got.while home me and allison made these vidoes on her camera(her dancing in a banana suit , me dancing in a banana suit)muchoooo funnny.her slobering over a candy apple wooo that was good.then kristen was back and she put on my banana suit and ran in the street with it for awhile but it was cold so went back inside to paint the ishes finally-dont worry well take pix wen there dun lol soon afta that they had to go home and that was about the end of my day , i would say i had a good weekend and today i went to fh practice from 9-11:15ish got sum friendleys after that and i think im just gunna rest for the remainder of the day(oh yea and hw...)school tomarrow =(   my halloween party i think will be nxt saterday, cant wait till halloween me AND kristen r being bananas we got the suits already haha were such weirdos =}

me and mah TRUE best friend

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fun ish [10 Oct 2004|11:43am]
[ mood | grateful ]

soo im going to "recap" a little part of my weeked so far.on friday i had no practice ! wootish woot and i was berry happy bout that so alex allison and krishton came ova and we watched 1/4 of a bad movie we rented and ended up watching meangirls which was the 3rd time i had seen it but i didnt care since i like dat movie.but b4 all this happened, we were having difficulties with the dvd player.me being dumb, i did everything to make it work, or so i thought.allison plugged in a few misplaced wires and wow that wasnt first time i felt very dumb.so yea, the first movie wasnt scary it was the last sequal to children of the corn,twas bad.then sumthing that was really random and very funny was wen there was this bucket of popcorn, alex was trying to fix the dvd player and she sneakily grabs popcorn me not seeing her even swallow it and goes MMM!wooo twas funnnny.then i was going into a laughing attack so me not knowing the cap wasnt on my drink i like spazed out and the drink went all over me and i stated"pause the movie im wet" like 5 times to get my point though, that twas funny doo.yea so that was friday.yesterday(saterday) lol krish and allishon came over AGAIN and that twas fun like usual we dont really do anything tho we go on the comp play a small amount of ddr act like retards(mainly me) i put on my banana suit and ran around the street, surprisingly i didnt get ran over by a car.lol.we mainly talk about all of my issues which i just realized i have so many!imma try to name them all:post traumatic stress disorder bcuz a spider was on me wen i was about 5 so w/e i see them, i sometimes cry/cringe/need sum1 to kill it/freak out.,i bite my nail-neavous habit-i dont even know wen im doing it sometimes,i can see myself being cautious cuz i always have to kno where every1 is,im clusterphobic cuz in class i feel like ppl r breathing on me,im a "peaople pleaser" if i have a piece of gum ill give it to sum1 else even tho i wanted it..im a tint afraid of the dark,i think theres a spirit in my room,as allison says "im a nervous reck", it takes me a long time to get comfy in a seat-any1 will tell u this,i could never just watch a movie i get up and am all over the room,im afraid of everything,i cant take pain, damn i have a lot of problems...full of issues lol well thank u allison for telling me all of this..anywayz today is gunna be fun we(kristhen,me,and soon allison) got it planned out already.were going to this small haunted house thing then getting thoses cute lil baby pumkins and r painting them, ill never stop being a kid lol as avril lavigne would say- IM GUNNA LIVE MY LIFFFFFFFFFE.lol ive also noticed that this yr its easier to meet new friends(although i already have the best friends<3 ilug) and talk to other ppl im gunna have alot of ppl at my halloween party, oh boy im scared and u should be too.oh yea im also gunna add that yesterday i went to a field hockey game at pv w/ da team. varsity lost but it was a good game and "suspenseful" if u will.i either have a practice =[ or a game =] tomarrow..hopefully choice B, well anywayz nuttin more to write, i shall update dis lata after my funfun day woot woot no school tomarrow =D peace..

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hello there [02 Oct 2004|03:24pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

once again i havent wrote in this ish 4 a while now.so first ill talk about wat i did last night.me and allsion thought we were going bowling..no no no all old men took it up w/ their stupid league.so we thought we might see a movie instead, that didnt happen cuz we missed them all.so we just went back to my house.we didnt do much, just fought with lollipops and made/listened to recordings.as she would say- "good stuff" so that was last night. today i had to wake up at 9:30 to watch varsity and jv field hockey..varsity lost and jv tied so right now im tired and hungry. so anyway, after the fh ish we drove jasmine home but no1 was home so we brought her back to my house.so i just got wendys but im still hungry.and like 30 mins ago her mom picked her up.so now im bored and just playin da geetar oh yea and i got a pic of it, just for any1 who will die unless they see it lol..

my guitar!big pic i now but if u look closely theres a sticker that say nfg fan club..hellz yea i <3 them 4e.so anyway im bored right now and hopefully ill do ish w/ some friends today/tonight..till then BYEBYE

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i <3 nfg 4e [03 Sep 2004|12:44pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

hellz nahz..no1s cooler(chad-bald guy at top right is awsome)


^this dude is AWSOME^

oh thats cute..

Jordan - Soundcheck #2

ah ha! he does play the geetar

Chad Giving The Finger

giving the finger lol


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ello [01 Sep 2004|02:29pm]
[ mood | bored ]

once again i didnt write in this thing for awhile.so hello whoever is reading this.i just got my schedule today im so bored i think im just gonna write it down here - HR-krajcsovics1)wd history -krajcsovics 2)spanish 1-erla 3)gym-budd(1110)health-kilday(0001)4)alegbra 1-giordano 5)english-henry 6)lunch-CF1 7)INT.DECOR.-mariconda 8)biology-ahlert 9)INT.BUS.CAR-johnston(1100) SP.FUND-hannon(0011)..ok thats it.oh yea and yesterday i got new shoes, my 3rd pair of etnies butthere comfy and they're probably my nicest pair

and i got this element shirt that matches the shoes-berry berry nice.so then i went to abercrombie and got 2 shirtsbut this is the only pic i found of 1.wow i really dont think any1 cares about what i got but im bored so thats why i put all these pics on here.alright i think im done..

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ello [23 Aug 2004|03:54pm]
[ mood | drained ]

just got back from sc last night.wow i dont like the way ppl talk down there.went to a waterpark,golfed one too many times, and went to a zoo.i also put a popper on my face and hand and have rashes from it.like i said im an idiot.the coolest thing at the zoo was a squirel i gave a peanut to and it wasnt even part of the zoo.actually there were monkeys there too that caught food went i threw it to them,a camel that almost bit y hand off,a gorrilla,cheetah,lion,snake,the puniest alligater,too many turtles,a pig,a pointless duck,and a huge spider that freked me out.going on to the waterpark.not too fun this year.too many people there.the lazy river was a little too lazy.and golf got annoying after awhile.i would say it was fun but i couldnt wait to come home.i didnt like the place we stayed at.3 tvs for 4 people didnt work out so great.and i would rather sleep on the wooden floor in my new room then on those beds.the ride back was not so fun.i was in that damn van for 12 hours,reading a book,giving people stink eyes,and listening to nfg.after that ride i never wanna go back but i will.right now im trying to play nfg on the guitar..not too easy.and my index finger hurts.i believe im going to the movies tonight to see without a paddle with kristen "and such"so um ya im gunna go now BYEBYE

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guess whos back? [27 Jul 2004|11:56am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

so i havent ubdated this thing 4 awhile.i guess u can say i have been busy..but busy with stuff i dont wanna do.yesterday i had to go to 3 of my brothers games.ruined my day?yea u can say that.and he was late to the first game cuz there was this really bad accident.the truck was overturned by a bus that hit it..not to mention the woman in it didnt survive but her 5 yr old daughter did.it was pretty much the worst accident i have ever seen.and if u wanna see it turn to the second page in the local paper im sure it will make ur day too!so anyway i got a guitar and it is quite awsome.its electric and its teal.i must take lessons soon.and other than that i really havent been doing anything.i must hang out with a friend today b4 i gotta go to more of my brothers(FUN FUN) games!.oh ya and i also got the ashlee simpson cd it is really good.the other day in target i got two drugged up boot chairs as my cousin calls them cuz the name explains itself.but theyre more like bean bag chairs with a a thing 4 ur back.this is random but im having a "theme" for my room now.im gunna have all bamboo stuff in it like the headboard is gunna be bamboo and my bed is this hula girl bedspread and the dustruffle for the bed is gunna be hula skirts all around it.and to think all of this is centered around that fan i have in my room lol.right now im still in my pjs and it is raining a little out.i am bored and i have a stuffed garfield staring at me.i am berry uncomfortable right now and will remain that way for the rest of the day.nothing else to say so until next time DIN DIN DIN..BYEBYE (ILL BE BOCK)ps.yesterday my mom beeped at a cop

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same old ishy 2 [17 Jul 2004|06:10pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

nothing new at all.camp is over..thank god.ze room is almost dun..tis painted a nice color.i am so bored everyday, this summer is such a waste.its hard to hang out w/ my really good friends..so i basically do absolutly nothing all day.some ppl have "beef" with me an unknown reason but w/e.i wake up to a mess of a room..it is seriously the worst i have ever seen it and im too lazy to clean it all up, idk where to start!

theres a pic of it lol.now u can tell how bored i am.ok i have nothing else to write so i will stop. im out..kinda like ashlee simpson if the producer doesnt let her be rock.

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same old ishy [12 Jul 2004|08:56pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

nuttin new really.woke up at 8.15 just about wen lauren came ova so we can go to camp.then she "announced" today to me that she ISNT GOING TO DEPAUL!!...shes going to pomptom...OH SO MUCH BETTER...idk y she would rather go there than valley but its sumthin bout valley that she hates and i hope it aint me.haha.but as she told me she was going to a different skool. i stopped eating my waffle thinking she was gunna say sumthing else like "im going to valley" but that wasnt her answer as u know.then my mom kept asking her questions that were unecessary and finally we left for camp. FUN FUN!it really wasnt fun at all, considering the fact that i hate kids and there was way too many of em..i dont mean kids i mean kid kids like little kids.ugh..so annoying.drills suck and so do the instrutcors and all the ppl there.im goin into 9TH GRADE...i think theres only two others there..lauren and this other girl.w/e today was boring but MAYB we'll do sumthing fun like a game or sumthing tomarrow.so i got a depaul shirt..ewwie and thats about it for the camp.other than the fact that the instrustors were inquizitive to me and kept yelling at me for unknown reasons.as ive stated b4 i hate MOST teachers and this just all brought it back..im not in skool so dont treat me like i am . we payed 75 bux for this..make it a little funner!ugh all we basically did was watch the clock.so i got sum wendys..of coarse and came home to playgamecube.then got bball shoes..a lil big but comfy so then i went to dans game and they dominated by 31...thats about it..byebye

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[02 Jul 2004|12:40pm]
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forgot my name

poopy [02 Jul 2004|12:19pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

well i havent updated my journal so..i will now.i didnt do much except 4 go to penn. for a fews days and golfed.and drove a golf cart. i am hell on wheels.while at penn. we went on go carts..quite fun except that my cart broke down just like every1 elses.and went to the arcade.i just stayed at this 1 game cuz it was quite rigged and i won like 100 each time.hey idc if i have fun just as long as i win stuff!so i got a stuffed dog ish, a BIG beach ball, this hoping frog ish, a taz tatoo, and a sticky thing.they had a bad selection..but b4 that rendovouz to penn. me and kristen were skateboarding...and no im not a skater..like i said to kristen..a devilish side of me is saying that im still a prep.so i will listen to the devilish side.and no..just cuz i have a skateboard doesnt mean im a skater..i think it depends on the ppl i hang out w/ how i dress.and i havent been seeing/hanging out w/ lauren 4 a while =[ but i do see kristen which makes me skater..try to understand that.and today lauryn w/ a Y and possibly kristen r coming over.yay yaya.idk wat else to write...i wanna see spiderman 2 and a cinderella story...uhh running out of stuff 2 say..ill update this thing again wen sumthing fun actually happens...meaning u wont see anotehr entry 4 a while..lol peace yo

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disappointing day [22 Jun 2004|11:22pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

2day was..interesting.i had 2 wake up at like 8..no lie.and i actually thought it was like 12:30 but my clock is broken so it was really 8.so i went downstairs and my cuzs were there,i just sat around 4 a while then we went to bk 4 pancakes.then we went to the golf range and i sucked pretty bad...not to mention it was raining and not fun.then we came home and were bored so we played w/ a balloon.then we went to fudd. whoa they gave us free tokens..too bad they were 4 chuckie cheese.so we came home and played badmitten acting like we were all good at it...even tho i am.and we played that alot..since it actually is fun.so i came inside 4 a lil a recieved a call from....lauren(and ashley)idk if they were tricking me..but if they were it wasnt funny at all...i personally think its cuz she wanted lauren to stay over longer but i could be wrong.so she called and ACTED all drunk.great exuse 4 not being able to come over.and yea i kno lauren and im pretty sure she wont just drink 4 fun so i didnt believe it...but once again i can be wrong.and the fact that they ate like right after all of that..righhht u were druunk.w/e so i pretty much knew it was a lie.and they night b4 she told me she would prob come over..which i was happy about but no..she stayed there forever.was i pissed?of coarse i was. and dont try to act like its sumthing that wouldnt piss me off.and if u know me well enough, u should kno that i get mad easily.so w/e if u thought it was funny..it wasnt.alright im dun w/ that.and im pretty sure niether will read this but if they do..thats great..yea so after i wasnt so mad i went to my cuzs pool for only like a half a hour and here i am now.bored,pissed,tired..etc.but i watched a show on transvestotes and it was really funny.so did kristen cuz we have lives lolol.and to kristen- hope u get yo cheese pillow lol. im out

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karyn and laurens par-tays [21 Jun 2004|03:53pm]
[ mood | tired ]

2 parties in one day.first i went to karyns.i like her dog and her cat is vicious.lol.i was the first to arrive and they sophia came.the water ballons didnt work out so good, considering we didnt have the nozzle.snapple cap-u cant sneeze w/ ur eyes open. ill remember that!her pool was really warm and she didnt have a heater.sum solar cover ish.it was like 84º.idk where the red spider w/ legs was but karyn and sophia kept scaring me saying SPIDER and ITS ON YOU!sad thing..i believed them.never did find that spider.we played sum volleyball ish and the ball kept going out of the pool.then we played shark.oh yea i was "oh so good" at that game.then we had food.it was good food.then we played volleyball in her front yard.we didnt keep score..happily cuz her cousin was too good.then my ma came 2 drop me and debraa(the II) at laurens.at first we just stood there and then we went in the pool.for like 15 mins lol. me and kristen were like "lets make a whirlpool" and every1 starting following us.it was pretty weird.but then we went out.her cuz had TATU lolol.hello we are tatu!the cd i made her a long time ago wasnt working too good.so lauren and ish played truth or dare..and that was pretty sick so me kristen liz and debra went xtreme swinging.we didnt brake it! lol.it was freezing and i had a poisenous brownie.lol.i dont think her family likes me that much considering the fact that my mom is a "physco" to sum ppl.this 1 girl ..(no names mentioned) THAT DOESNT LIKE ME..i dont like her (hint hint) she has a rude look that kept giving me stink eyes and ish was there.woo hoo.so my mom came a hour early and i gave lauren her present.i soon found out that the sandals were too big.=[.isnt that great?ok well thats enuff of parties 4 now.

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kristens party [18 Jun 2004|03:31pm]
im writing these entries late so im gunna try 2 remember.on friday i went to kristens party.it was fun.i came and was greated by a water balloon being popped on my head.and to think there were 300 to start with.she had a volleyball net so ya.and i hope u like my impression of my moms friend w/ the short legs.she also had a bonfire or however u spell it.good marshmellows.it would have been betr if my mom would stop calling and ish.but thats the way it is.things will never change.and she liked the bam shirt..i think.yea it is comfy.dont ask y my mom told me 2 give u that bear.lol.must u take 8 eggs?lolol.they were goo.but lauren came and pulled down sum1s bottom.it was quite funny and i think kristens mom thought it was funny as well.yeah lauren she thinks ur funny!lol well thats all i can remember 4 now.peace dawg
forgot my name

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